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Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's More Painful?...

     The "physical" definition of pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage. But what about the pain that we have experienced emotionally?..well, actual and potential tissue damage are not present here. Emotional pain is what we feel inside..things that make us hurt as if we're bleeding inside.
     Pain, according to Don Ranney in his "Anatomy of Pain" says that it is a perception, not really a sensation, in the same way that vision and hearing are. It involves sensitivity to chemical changes in the tissues and then interpret that such changes are harmful. This perception is real, whether or not harm has occurred or is occurring. Cognition is involved in the formulation of this perception. There are emotional consequences, and behavioral responses to the cognitive and emotional aspects of pain.
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     From that definition..I would say pain depends on what we perceive as painful, how we could tolerate a certain pressure, disaster, calamities, life threatening situation, unacceptable words, a love loss..whatever you have in mind that could stop your world for a while. One thing for sure.. what we think would hurt us is really painful.
     Emotional pain is not necessarily the cause of physical pain..and sometimes..emotional pain can cause physical pain. So what's more painful?...Let me see...I met an accident sixteen years ago, I was crossing the street when a car suddenly hit me and according to some witnesses I flew 4 meters away from where I stand.Does it hurt?..I didn't feel anything during those times because I fell unconscious and didn't even know what had happened. Just after I woke up that I had gotten to know I met an accident. I got bruises and stitches in my head. After six hours, that's when I felt the throbbing pain in my head maybe due to a shock...and every time my head aches I always remember the dreaded pain I had felt that time. After a year, I found out that my boyfriend was dating another woman not only one but two. It hurts and I will found out later these incident will have bearing on what I am going through and what I am writing now.
     As everyone perceives it, it's painful to have trusted someone and yet you found out he doesn't deserve it; very painful to have known that the baby inside your womb would not live a normal life; very painful too to have met a blow from the one you have loved most, receiving every words that you would not even thought he would say; and painful too to find out he's turning you to a fool making every bit of what he had done would took a blame on you...and later to find out he got another woman pregnant...Pain??..Yes! very painful..don't even know how I would live every bit of it..I made some mistakes but who would understand?..the one whom I trusted so much now has lost it..Everyday, the pain seethes in, losing my respect to the person I have been with for the past thirteen years.The happier me turns to be withdrawn, and making happy face though sad within. Painful it is that I can no longer say much words as tears began rolling on my face again...and up to you what you think is more painful...

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  1. I feel you girl. Hope that someday you will find the person that would give you true happiness in life.


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